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infrimage is your "reverse image-search" software characterised by its user-friendly, intuitive operation and administration.


With infrimage you get comprehensive and interactive results for any kind of images you’re looking for anywhere on the internet.


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Your benefits


infrimage is your solution for an optimal and comprehensive image monitoring.


You benefit from:


  • Reverse image searches for identical or similar images
  • User-friendly and interactive interface for an optimal workflow
  • Comprehensive overviews of your image monitoring findings
  • Results in single view with relevant and filterable data, statistics and links to sources
  • Easy user management and organisation of your accounts, brands and user rights

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The aim of infrimage is to quickly and continuously detect all kinds of images, including copyright infringing ones, known counterfeits and leaks within your distribution network on domains, marketplaces and much more.


With our user-oriented software you can  view and manage your search results and get extensive statistics on them in real time.


What infrimage can do


  • Capture full and partial conformity of the image materials
  • Supply sources of the images (domains, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Support statistics on individual and collected image searches
  • Offer intuitive operation through clear displays of all relevant data and filterable search results
  • Create Allow lists that exclude known and authorised domains from the result lists


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infrimage impresses with its intuitive operation and user-friendly design.


All search results are presented in filterable and sortable overviews, which you can dynamically organise with the help of descriptions and tags.


For each image search, you receive an individual view with extensive and dynamic statistics on the most important and most frequent hits.


The adjustable filters ensure an efficient workflow and fast results. Authorised domains and marketplaces can be added to an Allow list with one click, providing a result lineup with only relevant and new content.


Plans & pricing


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10 Days
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1 Project

Maximum of 3 images

3 e-mail notifications


The free plan ends automatically after 10 days. You can upgrade to a paid plan within and after this period.


50 €
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1 Project

Maximum of 25 images

20 e-mail notifications


200 €
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5 Projects

Maximum of 100 images

Unlimited e-mail notifications


400 €
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10 Projects

Maximum of 250 images

Unlimited e-mail notifications


An upgrade of the number of images is possible.

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